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The HCM synthesis is revolutionary - it provides a powerful, unique, and innovative synthesis architecture for next-generation sounds never heard before in high-end sound quality. It can sound like other synthesis methods (additive, subtractive, AM, FM, phase distortion, supersaw, vocoder, sync, analogue, digital), like natural instruments (piano, brass, ...) or completely unique.


Advanced HCM (new synthesis), FM, AM, PWM, sync, phase modulation, Vocoder sounds, waveshaping, distortion, supersaw, additive sounds, resynthesis sounds, phase distortion sounds, sample playback, 30208 waveforms, 18 OSCs per voice, 40 different stereo filters, 20 effects, real stereo, 162x oversampling, programmable ARP & Step LFO/trancegate, BPM syncable, microtuning, EQ, modular routing
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