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Perfect browser embedded tool you can enhance your site by showing real-time stock quotes values in a stock market similar led display.

The applet can be configured in many ways to customize both look and behaviour.


  • real-time quotes values: the applet reads stock quotes values from a live data feed on your server. We offer along with the applet a sample PHP script that provides quotes from Yahoo Financial. Script output is simple, custom feeds can be easily developed. We provide specification for feed output format, so you can connect to your own feed or database;
  • customizable stocks or indexes: you can set any stocks (or other type of products) that feed can provide. Sample PHP script provides all symbols you can find on Yahoo! Financial;
  • customizable fields to display: you can set what fields to display in the applet. For example you can show SYMBOL, LAST, CHANGE, CHANGE% etc - range is only limited by what feed is sending;
  • customizable colors & speed: colors and speed can be set from applet parameters; the fonts are matrix based, there is no predefined font. All letter characters and some special characters are available;
  • text message: you can set from applet tag a text message to appear before stock data;
  • pop-up on click: you can set the applet to pop-up an URL when user clicks on it;
  • pause on mouse over: optionally you can set the ticker to pause when user moves mose over the stocks;

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