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Match Agency

  • v1.0
    • Multiple Profiles Management from the same account
    • Custom Field Categories and Attributes
    • Integrated Message Board
    • Picture Upload and Management (pictures are stored in the mysql database for restricted access database)
    • Flash chat
    • Internal Blind Messaging
    • Webmaster Profile Categories & Attributes Editor
  • v2.0
    • Optimized picture thumbnails using php GD extension (required for installation).
    • Multimedia resource directory(allows members to submit, review, access free or for a fee multimedia content)
      • pictures
      • stories
      • webcam images
      • video content (external links)
      • audio content (external links)
      • galleries
  • v2.5
    • Top Resources
    • Top Profile Pictures
    • Online Chaters
    • Browse Profiles.
  • v3.0
    • Webmaster membership packages editor
    • Recurring membership upgrades
    • Promotional membership packages (members must insert code to enable)
    • Affiliate tracking for any page (i.e. register.phg?affid=...)
    • Filter profiles use special names (more profiles names available)
    • Email notification for internal blind messages can be enabled separately for each profile
    • Search online profiles, options to show profiles online when member is online
    • Customizable colors for table headers and titles to integrate layout theme
    • Fixed lost password recovery (works for both email or username)
    • Remember logged member (offline but logged in when comes back to page)
    • Site name stamp on thumbnails
    • Realtime site statistics
    • Dynamic splash screens
    • Instant message notification option can be enabled for each profile
    • Multiple language support, import/export language files (webmaster feature)
    • Featured details text length limitations, custom length (webmaster feature)
    • Zip Locator: mileage search with profile listings
    • Flash Chat Room create/browse/edit/delete (webmaster feature)
    • MyPaySystems gateway integration
  • v3.1
    • Improved approval and monitoring system for resources (webmaster feature)
    • Rresource management section (My Resources) to member area
    • Payment mode entry editor (webmaster feature)
    • Fixed implementation of picture rating rights
    • Layout settings (i.e. to hide items from the member account center layout) (webmaster feature)
    • Trial membership package
    • Webmaster member account (used by webmaster to submit member type content, like multimedia resources)
  • v3.2
    • Simplified rights listings, hidden rights only viewable from the webmaster area
    • Option in rights to disable profile name changes and deletion
    • Edit resources from member area, link same resource to multiple profiles
    • Webmaster phpBB automated login
  • v3.3
    • Referral Signup Bonus (customizable from webmaster area) [confirm.php]
    • Fixed login details sent with internal message notification [messages.php]
    • Advanced/Simple interface (account option) [member_center.php]
    • Profile daily bonus [member_center.php]
  • v3.4 [Extended changes - most scripts must be updated - except comm/*.*, settings.php]
    • Hints
    • WYSIWYG editor for html text
    • Translation optimizations
    • Dynamic distribution of fields in 2 columns on profile view
    • Quickinfo tooltip on profiles
    • Improved profile attributes editor section for members
  • v3.5 [webmaster/cms.php, index.php, lib/mysql.php,search.php]
    • Content Management System - dynamic page content (i.e. news) can be changed in WYSIWYG editor available in webmaster area
    • Rights for search, advanced search

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