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Number of Users/CALs = Unlimited

QLC introduces a mail server that lets the administrator to get under the hood to configure the best possible setup to serve the organisation's E-mail requirements. PostMaster Enterprise is built for the enterprise who needs more than just a mail distribution system. It is a tool for optimising e-mail communication, creating a workflow management system and in general stretching the productivity of e-mail to the fullest. PostMaster Enteprise has control and usage features to optimise e-mail productivity. The features work at three levels ? user, administrator and organisation.

1.Browser-based admin console allows remote administration from anywhere on the LAN
2.Built on Java for platform independence
3.Seamless integration of anti-virus plug-in, AvAc, for gateway-level virus scanning - scans all mail before entering the network, sends alerts to all, deletes unwanted attachments, auto updates
4. Log reports of usage checks and troubleshooting
5. Maintains a global address book accessible by users
6. Serves as a gateway for groupware systems like MS Exchange

1.Works over all types of connectivity. Mail transfer scheduler to manage a dial-up.
2.Enhanced user controls to implement an e-mail usage policy
3.Forwarding and archiving for management of information flow
4.Downloads from multiple POP accounts
5.Supports multiple domains and authenticated SMTP relay
6.Supports direct delivery and mail relaying. If assigned a static IP over a leased line, it can serve as a remote access mail server for an organisation with a wide spread network of offices.
7.Has a PostMaster to PostMaster delivery notification system - alerts users about receipt of their mail at the recipient's PostMaster
8. Security features like Anti-spam and ACL (firewall)

1.WebMail, a browser-based service, allows users to access mail from anywhere on the LAN
2.PostMaster Robot, a server-level rules engine, automates routine tasks of e-mail management

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