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Safelists Agent v1.2

Main Features

  • safelist owners (demo)
    • create unlimited number of safelists, delete safelists
    • register link and login link for safelist subscribers
    • see statistics for each safelists (members available, on vacation, waiting for confirmation)
    • send emails anytime to own safelists
    • see member list, remove members
    • set member type (rank) :
      • free (default: can send emails each 2 weeks)
      • silver (can send emails each week)
      • gold (can send emails each 3 days)
      • platinum (can send emails each day)
    • buy email credits to advertise on other safelists
    • account inbox with webmaster messages
    • transfer credits to advertiser, owner accounts
  • advertisers (demo)
    • buy email credits to advertise on all safelists
      (buy 2000 emails for example and send to all safelists until these credits are finished)
    • see overall system safelist statistics
    • email all safelists in the system
    • account inbox with webmaster messages
    • transfer credits to advertiser, owner accounts
  • safelist subscribers (demo)
    • send email to all other subscribers of that list from time to time (depending on rank)
    • send test email
    • change status :
      • Available
      • On vacation

System and Webmaster Features :

  • special registration for each member type
  • automated confirmation by email
  • email credits for advertising can only be obtained by purchase
  • configurable payment gateways and packages
  • mass email all members
  • send news and notifications to advertisers and owners inbox or/and by email
  • process paymets
  • clean database
  • search members
  • list safelist owners/advertisers
  • add email credits, remove trusted status (that allows members to transfer credits)
  • edit templates, default emails and css styles

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