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Book language : Automatic English by Google. Original title>- Krótki Traktat o Dobrobycie -<. Welfare is this what we strive for a lifetime? Is economics actually efective? What is the ideal state/country and how should it be developed? Is the state of bliss the end of our economic aspirations? Does the money supply decide about inflation level - or not? Is money demand the main goal of any consumer? Money - is this what we need during our life? How do we need this? Is money creation by commercial banks the right thing that happens to us? Is there a circular money motion or battle for money? Bank - our friend or enemy? The repo operations - does free market need them at all? Credit, consumption, is this human life for? Limitation of the consumer's budget - is n-dimensional? Are the investments responsible for the state /country and our wealth development? Balance of trade - is it really important? How to eliminate the budget deficit? Government spending - enemy or friend? Government transfers versus taxes. Social assistance - should it be - what then if not? Budget and gdp - the printing of money will help, or hurt? Is QE our future? Global demand - what is real formula for it? Economic growth - needs inflation or deflation? The richness - the content of our lifes. Can we prevent deflections of economic cycles? Cycle - what is it? Falling interest rates - is it really health for investments? Exports and imports - is this power of the state/country? Financial support - who needs this? John Maynard Keynes - why do we learn about him. Irving Fisher -was he right? Milton Friedman - the great protector of the riches? Unemployment - who needs this? Y = C + I + G + X (Ex-Im) - is this formula actual? About all above this book.
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